From the stunning Beach Resorts to the Ancient Cities, The Colonial Cities and the Natural wonders, Mexico has something for everyone! A beautiful diverse country with 8000 years of history and some of the most advance cultures ever to walk the earth, all waiting to be discovered.

The warmth of Mexico will entice you with vibrant colours, stunning landscapes, lush tropical jungles and a wonderful blend of culture, Music & Dance and traditional Fiesta’s that will make this a favourite destination and keep you coming back for many years to come!

Step back in time and hear the notes of a timeless melody drift from a balcony as you wander the cobblestone streets of a heritage designated Colonial City preserved in 16th century grandeur where you will find no modern buildings.

Climb the steps of Chichen Itza, recently voted as one of the new wonders of the world and be amazed by the Mayan culture. Explore the pyramids of the Sun & the Moon and other fine examples of the legacies of the great civilisations of the Toltecs, the Zapotecs, the Olmecs and the Aztecs.

Marvel at Mexico’s Natural Wonders, the Copper Canyon; 4 times larger that the Grand Canyon and one of the finest train journeys in the world. Absorb yourself in Chiapas, the wonder of the Sumidero Canyon and a deep jungle experience.

Whatever your passion, whatever your desires Mexico has something for everyone!