About Us


Who are we?

Pulse Holidays has been been a specialist wholesaler of Latin America for more than 20 years. Pulse Holidays began specialising in Mexico in 1992 and quickly incorporated Cuba in 1995, making us the most experienced wholesaler in Australia for these two destinations.

Later, we included Guatemala and Belize, as well as other parts of the Caribbean such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, St Lucia, Barbados and the Dominican Republic. Lastly after a year of extensive research by our sales team, Pulse Holidays incorporated South America to complete our Latin American repertoire.

Why book with us?

All our staff are knowledgeable in all of our destinations. We have either been there, lived there or were born there! That means we can provide you with details that noone else can.  We pride ourselves on being able to share with you local knowledge and personal experiences that will help you make the right decisions.

Give us a call and talk to an expert. Your call will be answered promptly and you will not be placed on hold or in a queue. Your questions will be answered with the most expert and up to date advice to ensure you are provided with the best itinerary for your needs.